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you want more than just an apartment

You're looking for a more in-depth real estate search experience. One that's not just focused on where you live but HOW you live.

Searching should be a holistic experience of connecting you to homes, neighborhoods and quality of lifestyle.

Hello, i'm Zera
I am here to help you find the best place to live in New York City.
So which neighborhoods do you want to live in?
I wanna live in the west village for $3,000
Here's some cool apartments in the west village for $3,000

Zera connects you to your
neighborhood and lifestyle

Once you have found a place, Zera automates moving and other lifestyle routines like groceries, travel and cleaning.

Zera then continues to act as a Neighborhood Guide by connecting you to local businesses and happenings.

Hey! have you found your aparment yet?
Yes I have found a place!
Congratulations!! Now, let me help you with your moving process.